Origins of the Company
Yolá Whipped Yogurt Topping was created for you by people with a long history of developing unique delicious yogurt for health minded consumers. In fact, our roots go back to the very first frozen yogurt introduced in the U.S., back when yogurt was new (and considered a bit strange) to almost everyone in this country. Things have changed! Fast forward to today:  yogurt is everywhere and everyone knows it’s delicious – and very good for you! We thought it was about time for us to again create some real excitement for today’s health-minded consumers, something exciting with yogurt, but what? So once again we set out to develop a truly revolutionary product having all the goodness of yogurt, one that genuinely enhanced consumers’ healthier lifestyles – a fun product never before imagined. We put our heads together, used our experience, expertise and creativity (a genuine “thank you” for the creativity contributed by many colleagues, friends and family members)  to perfect our recipe for our new whipped yogurt topping: proudly, we now give you Yolá Whipped Yogurt Topping for use on fresh fruit, strawberry shortcake, pies, coffee, and beverages – anywhere your tastes may take you. Delicious – Yolá makes every day’s snack and dessert times very special occasions.
Purity of the Product
We all know that simpler ingredients are – simply better! So, we decided that we’d make Yolá with the simplest of ingredients that would make the best whipped topping you could find – anywhere! This was not an easy task, but we did it. What could be simpler than our delicious blend of yogurt, cream, skim milk, and just the right amount of sweetener – without any sorbitan monostearate, polysorbate 80 or mono- and diglycerides found in other whipped toppings? As we say, “Nothing’s artificial about Yolá -- it’s made with Real Yogurt”.
How to Buy
Yolá is now available in a variety of high quality grocery stores in the Western U.S including; natural, conventional, specialty & co-op stores. For consumers, if you want Yolá at your favorite local store, please send us a quick note to and we’ll get right on it. Or, even better, print this customer request form, take it into your favorite store and ask them to stock Yolá. Yes, customers rule! For retailers, if you want to add your store to this list? Send an email to: For everyone, help make Yolá better, if you have any ideas, thoughts or suggestions please email us at We welcome your feedback!
Supporting  Better Living
Improving the quality of life for everyone is a big deal where we come from, so we’re always looking for new ways to give back. Whether we’re volunteering for a worthy cause or donating Yolá to some of our favorite community events, we believe good deeds and healthy snacks, desserts, treats with Yolá - go hand-in-hand.